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Tropical Leaves

restore a forest

Brazil Amazon

Brazilian Amazon

Give communities the opportunity to restore the deforested edges of the Amazon Rainforest and mangrove estuaries.

Philippines rainforest

Pacific Rainforests

Provide employment to restore some of the most threatened, carbon-dense forests in the Asia Pacific region.

madagascar mangroves

Madagascar Mangroves

Restore mangroves at a large scale in the biodiversity hotspot of Madagascar.

Nepal forests

Nepali Forests

Empower rural communities to restore the forests of the world's most populated region.

Our Approach

boat at mangrove plantation

Communities are the drivers of ARC projects. A community must be fully engaged in the project in order for the project to succeed.

ARC employs community members to restore. We use a scalable and efficient approach to minimize costs and maximize donation impact. 

Communities who have been deeply engaged in the restoration of their environment steward their environment long after a project is concluded.

Our Process

Trees on Water



Land must first be prepared for restoration. This phase includes removing invasive species, tilling  soil, enriching soil, and controlling erosion. These activities are essential to establishing the foundation of a successful restoration project.



Restoring a healthy forest canopy starts by planting pioneer species to set the stage for a diverse, healthy ecosystem. This phase includes establishing a nursery, planting trees, and encouraging natural regeneration.



Once partial cover is established, the forest is enriched with natural local species to improve the overall health of the ecosystem and encourage increased biodiversity. This phase includes managing forests, planting enriching species, and encouraging natural regeneration.



Once an ecosystem is restored, it needs to be protected for longevity. This phase includes employing forest guards, creating sustainable activities for communities to lead, and creating partnerships with governments to  conserve the site.

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