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Brazilian Amazon

The Amazon is considered to be the lungs of the earth, and its coastal forests provide some of the highest carbon sequestration in the world. ARC is working with Quilombola communities to restore the edges of the Amazon coast. 

Aura Coastal Amazon Restoration Project

Restoration of the Aura Coastal Amazon region, implemented by Quilombola communities, will dramatically improve the region's biodiversity. The restored mangroves will provide habitats for fish, birds, and other animals. Mangroves will also protect the coast from erosion, which will protect communities from flooding. 


This project will bring hundreds of jobs, and sources of food and income, to the Quilombola communities, who are descendants of African slaves who fled to remote areas of Brazil during the colonial period. These communities have their own unique traditions, which represent a blend of history, culture, and contemporary challenges in Brazil, making them a unique and important part of the country's cultural and social landscape.


By the Numbers

7.5 million

Number of trees to be planted

in the total site area


Number of hectares to be restored in the total site area


Number of people given jobs to restore this area

Aura Coastal Amazon Restoration Project

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