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PAcific rainforests

The islands in Asia Pacific are home to many endemic species and the forest sequester some of the most carbon of any forest type globally. ARC's team is using a bottom-up approach to employ successful restoration efforts in remote islands of Asia Pacific by providing agroforestry opportunities to communities. 

Philippines - Dinagat Islands

ARC’s Dinagat Island Watershed Restoration Project will be done in coordination with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources. The restoration areas have been identified as critical watersheds that cover just over 5,000 hectares in clustered projects throughout the island.  These projects are focused on lowland and submontane tropical forests which are the most threatened forest types in the Philippines.  At 33 cents a tree, your dollar will not only go towards tree planting but to other needed community development activities that will contribute to conserving the restored areas. 


This project will empower the community to transform the landscape which not only supplies water to communities and wildlife but also feeds mangrove estuaries and coral reefs which surround the island.  Recognized as a key biodiversity area, this project would work to increase habitat for critically endangered species.  It will also provide clean water to communities, especially during summer months when water is scarce on the island making water storage and collection points an essential part of the project.


By the Numbers

12.5 million

Number of trees to be planted

in the total site area


Number of hectares to be restored in the total site area


Number of people given jobs to restore this area

Dinagat Island
Watershed Restoration

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