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Who We Are

Accelerated Restoration Collaborative (ARC)

ARC’s Legal and Organizational Information

ARC is a nonprofit organization (501c3) registered in the State of Oregon, USA.

The Dynamics That Make ARC Unique

  • ARC is committed to developing simple, effective, and scalable solutions for the world’s cascading sociological and environmental issues.

  • ARC's mission is to provide economic opportunity for communities to be  responsible stewards of the planet entrusted to all of our care.

  • Employment for local communities as forest stewards is the proven method for the restoration of local and regional forests. 

  • Economies of scale will ensure a more affordable price per tree and cost per hectare. ARC has no interest in barely making a difference. 

  • ARC’s leadership team has over 50 years of combined field experience in forest restoration systems resulting in over 1 billion trees planted across the planet. 


  • ARC’s leaders have a massive global relational web ranging from government officials to remote local community members. Effective forest restoration projects start with who you know, not just what you know. ​​

Dr. Stephen Fitch

Dr. Stephen Fitch is the Founder and CEO of Accelerated Restoration Collaborative (ARC), a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to “Natural Restoration Projects that Scale and Transform."  Steve’s background includes serving for 17 years as the Founder and CEO of Eden Reforestation Projects. In 2022, Steve served as the Founder of Compassionate Carbon and briefly served in the role of CEO.


Under Steve’s leadership, Eden became the first international non-profit organization in history to plant over one billion trees. The production, planting, and protection of the trees were achieved by providing fair wage employment to thousands of local community members. The experience with Eden and Compassionate Carbon provided invaluable lessons in leadership multiplication, cross-cultural literacy, fundraising, and large-scale forest restoration. Dr. Fitch is now positioned to work collaboratively through ARC in the development of global restoration projects, along with a commitment to train other like-minded leaders and teams in the systems necessary to scale their own restoration projects.

Doctor Stephen Fitch About
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