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Empower Communities Through
Natural Restoration

Natural Restoration Projects that Scale and Transform

Proven & Scalable Methods

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Accelerated Restoration Collaborative

ARC's efficient and effective process employs communities to restore their local environment at scale. 

ARC's four-phase approach to restoration involves

  1. Preparation

  2. Planting

  3. Enrichment

  4. Conservation


  • Thousands of Hectares Restored

  • Millions of Trees Planted

  • Thousands of People Employed

Tropical Leaves

Restoration Projects

Brazil Amazon

Brazilian Amazon

Give communities the opportunity to restore the deforested edges of the Amazon Rainforest and mangrove estuaries.

Philippines Rainforest

Pacific Rainforests

Provide employment to restore some of the most threatened, carbon-dense forests in the Asia Pacific region.

Madagascar Mangroves

Madagascar Mangroves

Restore mangroves at a large scale in the biodiversity hotspot of Madagascar.

Nepal Forests

Nepali Forests

Empower rural communities to restore the forests of the world's most populated region.


The effort to combat the impact of climate change on the environment and communities is far too challenging for any organization to take on alone. To meet the global demand for restoration, ARC collaborates with mission-driven organizations.

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Learn how to restore at scale through Accelerated Restoration Training. 


Have ARC do the natural restoration implementation for your project.

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